Carolyn Grassi graduated from Brooklyn College-CUNY. She holds an M.A. in Political Philosophy and MPA from San Jose State University and has taught in several community colleges. She practiced mediation as a member of the Maryknoll community (where she met her future husband, Joseph). Her poems are often meditative reflections. Her books of poetry are: Heart and Soul (Patmos Press, 2014), Transparencies (Patmos Press, 2003), and
Journey to Chartres (Black Swan Books, 1986).

Carolyn Grassi is a recipient of an Ingram Merrrill Writing grant. Her poems were nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the late Harry Ford (poetry editor at Knopf). She is published in many poetry journals and given readings widely, at Yale, Smith College, Books Inc. NYC and in the Bay Area. Carolyn and Joseph Grassi co-authored: “Mary Magdalene…”(Sheed & Ward, 1983).

It was the late Naomi Clark who first encouraged Carolyn Grassi in the beginning years of the San Jose Poetry Center.


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  1. njwhittington
    Oct 10, 2014 @ 19:17:10

    Hi Carolyn,
    Don Alberts has been talking to me about getting you in to Bird & Beckett to read. If you’re interested, please get in touch — email eric@birdbeckett.com or 415-586-3733.
    Eric Whittington, owner, B&B


  2. Eric Whittington
    Aug 18, 2016 @ 10:54:13

    Hi Eric,
    Oops, I didn’t see your comment, since I haven’t yet “announced” my blog or website to friends, though will do so in the next few days. I’ll be in touch with you privately via your email. Thanks so much! Greetings to Don. all the best, Carolyn


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"Carolyn Grassi's 'Heart and Soul' is fascinating in its fluent and affecting blend of memoir and poetry, reminiscence and sheer invention, loss, grief and homage. Adopting a persona at times, or imitating a seminal influence on her writing at other junctures, [Carolyn Grassi] has created a quilt of memories and reflections on a life's education—the journey we all hope to make from becoming to being, or from acting as disciples to representing ourselves and our art as apostles..."
Read the complete foreword by Ron Hansen in 'Heart and Soul' published by Patmos Press, San Francisco, CA.

Ron Hansen, author



Carolyn Grassi

Ron Hansen and Jim Torrens

Blase Bonpane, Ph.D

Lit Prof at SCU

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